I traveled from Atlanta, GA to Baltimore, MD for a job interview. When I arrived at the airport in Baltimore, I was preparing to contact FreedomCar when I saw that I had a text message from Hal, my driver! Wow, how convenient! He let me know where he was, the color of his car, the type of car he was driving, and asked me which door number I would be coming out of! Perfect! I wondered how he would know who I was and vice versa. That text saved me a stop and search. I felt like a superstar because of the service he provided for me on a day when I was feeling kind of nervous and afraid. He made me feel like a queen. He encouraged me with his conversation and kindness. He was the perfect driver. I felt safe and secure. We shared great conversation. It was much better than an Uber or Lyft ride :-). Absolutely a wonderful experience from such a kind-hearted person. I am glad we met for the short period of time we did. It helped me relax and be better prepared for my interview. Thank you, Hal, for such a lovely greeting and nurturing experience entering Maryland. You made my morning! You are the best! Blessings to you and your family.