What traffic?

It’s easier to ignore the hassles of driving in and out of DC when you’re experiencing the freedom that is FreedomCar. You can sit back and avoid the stress that emanates from the rectilinear streets and the expense of parking in the price-gauging garages.

Make it easier on yourself. Get a ride with FreedomCar. Fly just a little bit happier than everyone else.

  • We’ll quote you a flat rate based on your pickup location zip code, time of travel and the number of passengers. And we’ll be there on time, every time. You won’t get that same kind of peace of mind with an app-based service (with price surges you can’t anticipate until it’s too late).

    With FreedomCar, you’ll also be sure that you’ll get the type of lift that fits your luggage. Our sedans and crossover vehicles offer a maximum carrying capacity of 2 people with luggage (not including skis or golf clubs). For larger parties, or for parties traveling with oversized luggage, we’ll make sure you have a van or an SUV.

    Typically our quoted fees for service don’t change, but some circumstances beyond our control and yours can affect the fee. Find out when extra charges may apply.

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  • Our drivers are as easy to identify as our vehicles. You’ll recognize him or her by our uniform—a dark red-colored FreedomCar shirt and black pants. But if you can’t find your driver right away, just give us a call, (410) 321-5600. He or she is probably only feet away in a crowded environment. We pick up the phone regardless of the hour and will connect you with your driver immediately.

    For all airport pickups, we will issue a courtesy call or text prior to your pickup identifying your driver, pickup location and relevant contact information.

    Curbside Service — Standard

    Call or text your driver when you deplane. Our drive time to the terminal is three to five minutes. If you do NOT have any checked baggage, we’ll meet you on the upper (departures) level of the airport outside of your airline’s terminal. If you have checked baggage, we’ll meet you on the lower level of the airport outside of your airline’s terminal. Look for our red vehicles with the white FreedomCar logo on the side. (Map)

    Baggage Claim Service — By Request, Additional Fee

    If you have requested that we meet you at baggage claim ($25 fee applies), your driver will meet you inside the terminal next to your flight’s baggage claim carousel, carrying a sign with your last name on it. We’ll assist you in getting your luggage to our car or we can bring the car around if you prefer. (Map)

    Please note: Parking at National is unpredictable and can at times be impossible, particularly for over-height vehicles such as our vans. If you do not see your driver at your luggage claim carousel, it is almost assuredly because she/he cannot park and is circling the airport waiting for you to call.

  • We make it our responsibility to keep track of your flight so we know when it’s going to be early or late. If your flight is ahead of schedule, we’ll make every effort to arrive on time, and if it’s late, we’ll be there for you whenever it lands.

  • Call us and we will make adjustments. If these changes are within 24 hours of the scheduled service, a $15 transfer fee may apply. Higher cancelation fees may apply for services canceled on the actual day of service, at the discretion of FreedomCar.

  • Typically our quoted fees for service don’t change very often, but when it comes to airport arrivals we’ve encountered a number of circumstances beyond our control and yours that can affect the fee.

    Here are a few exceptions to the norm that can impact your final service charge:
    Flight delays past 10:00 p.m. will incur a $15/half hour surcharge to cover after-hours payments to your driver.
    Same-day changes in your arriving flight, such as missing your flight or being assigned to a different flight at a different time, generally result in a transfer fee of $15.
    Wait time in luggage claim is generally NOT chargeable. However, if luggage is lost or damaged and resultant claim times go beyond 45 minutes after the arrival of your flight, we may add a modest charge similar to our transfer fee.

    Parking fees are not included in your rate because we do not always incur them. If we incur parking costs, that will be added to your quoted fee.

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