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Our company started out in 1991 as a service for Baltimore families. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation as a company you can trust. And we understand that when it comes to providing private transportation for kids, there is no higher trust assignment.

When you need someone to drive your child, you can choose FreedomCar with confidence. We have security procedures in place to help ensure the safety of our most precious passengers—and to provide peace of mind for their parents.

  • We provide services for transportation originating in the Baltimore area to any destination.

    Our transportation fees for this type of service typically start at $40 per one way trip. The price estimate we provide when you call for a quote or schedule a ride, includes all fees with the exception of tolls and parking. In Maryland, there are no additional sales taxes. The only other way our fees may differ from what you have been quoted is if the service parameters change.

  • Our drivers are uniformed, our vehicles show our logo and are distinctive in color.
  • When parents make first-time transportation arrangements for their children with FreedomCar, we can provide a complimentary introduction of our services. We’ll be happy to send a driver and vehicle to your home for the purposes of introducing your child to our logo, our driver’s uniform, and the general appearance of our vehicles.

    When a driver picks up a child, the red vehicle with the white FreedomCar logo will be easy to identify and the driver will be prepared to show identification. You can request email or text confirmation that your child was picked up at the scheduled time and dropped off at the appointed destination.

    With no tipping or in-car payments, the experience is paperless. Once completed, the service will be billed to your account and you’ll receive an email receipt with all of the relevant details clearly itemized.

  • FreedomCar is a commercially insured carrier licensed by the Maryland State Public Service Commission to perform passenger-carrying services. We regularly provide transportation services for children age 8 and older without parental supervision.

    Our employees are vetted with full background checks and random drug and alcohol testing. Our drivers are not subcontracted. They work for us as employees of the company, subject to our quality assurance and performance reviews.

  • We get a lot of calls from parents looking for a service that can pick up their child(ren) from school every day. Our business model and pricing structure is vastly different from private bus services that specialize in this type of transportation. Their service is based on volume per ride whereas we offer a more individualized set of solutions with service fees starting at $40 per ride. While we’re not typically tapped as an “everyday” or daily solution for needs like this, we are a trusted solution on the days when you need to be in two places at once. We do have clients that ask us to pick up their kids from school once or twice weekly and others just call us as needed.

    If you’d like to learn more about how we can help support your before/after-school transportation needs from time to time, please give us a call at (410) 321-5600.

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