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Our fleet was recently updated with newer, improved models of SUVs, luxury Transit vans, hybrid sedans and minivans designed for long distance travel.

In 30 years, we’ve never had a more comfortable, safer and greener fleet.

All of our vehicles are purchased new and are less than 3 years of age. You’ll easily recognize your ride by its red color and discreet identifying logos.

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These cars are the backbone of our fleet—Toyota Avalons, Crowns and Honda Accords—offer all the comfort we have known and loved for years, with fuel economy that allows us to keep overall rates competitive year after year.

Seats 2 passengers
Great for everyday travel

Luxury SUV

You’ll love our SUVs for their luxury ride that’s extremely comfortable, spacious and undeterred by any weather. We offer Ford Expeditions and Toyota Sequioas (not pictured). You’ll get capability and room to spare, whether you’re headed across town or out of state.

Seats up to 5 passengers / 4 with luggage
Great for space and security


The Siennas are totally redesigned for 2022 and we’ve got seven of them! Hybrids, they will accommodate five passengers comfortably plus the driver. Maximum capacity including luggage would be four. These vehicles, with greenhouse windows all around, are ideal long-distance cruisers with plenty of room to stretch out.

Seats up to 5 passengers / 4 with luggage
Great for long-distance cruisers with plenty of stretch out room

Luxury Van

There’s no better choice when you have a lot of people to move. Our passenger vans offer a smooth non-truck-like ride, big windows, raised roofs and an easy-access aisle. You’ll enjoy incomparable capacity. Large groups love them and so do we.

Seats 14 passengers / 10 passengers with luggage
Great for large parties

Wheelchair-Accessible Van

When it comes to greater accessibility, our state-of-the-art wheelchair-accessible minivan provides top-rated design features including: ample space, luxury styling and generous headroom (more than any other mobility van) with an automatic in-floor ramp for easy entry.

Seats 3 passengers, including 1 wheelchair
Great for safe, wheelchair-accessible rides

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