Arrive On Time, In Stress-free Comfort

It goes without saying that we offer transportation to and from every major airporttrain station and cruise terminal or port of call in the mid-Atlantic region with an exceptional on-time arrival rate—above 99%. We want you to know more about the way we do it.

We’re unlike any other transportation service out there, providing you with a logistics solution that’s more comfortable and reliable than a taxi, more understated and affordable than a limo, and more consistent and secure than smartphone app-based services. Why share a ride on a crowded shuttle or be tied to their schedule when you can ride with FreedomCar?

Travel used to be an “experience” that people enjoyed. With FreedomCar, it can be once again. We work to make your travel time less stressful—even pleasant. We understand that traveling these days with long lines and check points isn’t always fun, but we think our part of it should be a throwback to the good old days when it was. Catch a ride with us and get a glimpse of classic style, comfort and personal service that used to make travel an adventure—and by that, we mean the good kind.