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Meet the Fleet

We are very pleased to announce the near total renewal of our fleet for 2015 with newer, improved models of vans, sedans, and AWD crossover-type vehicles designed for long distance travel.


In 24 years, we’ve never had a more comfortable, safer, and greener fleet.


Here’s a look at our new line-up.



The Ford Flex

We are replacing our Toyota Venzas with the Ford Flex, a vehicle that offers a much smoother and quieter ride, significantly more interior room, and the same AWD all-weather capability that we have come to depend upon from our Venzas.

The Ford Transit

Finally, a major U.S. manufacturer has offered a truly new van and we can’t say enough about these vehicles. Gone is the truck-like ride, the crawling to rear, the archaic handling and safety features, and the poor ergonomics of the GM and Ford 1970's-era van chassis and body designs that we’ve had to put up with for the past 24 years.

Today’s Ford Transit van, designed for Europe as well as the U.S., is new from the ground up. Handling, safety, economy, ergonomics, ride, interior dimensions, and creature comforts offer a new and much better experience for passengers and drivers alike. This is the first time we’ve been able to say, “You’re really going to like these vans.

The Toyota Avalon Hybrid

The backbone of our fleet is now the Toyota Avalon Hybrids, which offer all the comfort of the Avalons we have known and loved for years, with fuel economy that allows us to keep overall rates unchanged year after year.

The Ford Expedition

For larger parties requiring AWD capability or car-like comfort on your way downtown, we’re finding the new Expeditions to be first-class in the field of big SUVs.

Look for our new fleet on the streets — we can’t wait to hear what you think.

Along with the new fleet, you may notice we've upgraded our email format and design. This is all part of our 2015 digital upgrade initiative, which will include the relaunch of our website into a mobile-friendly format.

Stay tuned and we hope to see you soon.

Very best,
Mark Thistel


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