Vive La France!
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Paris, the City of Lights, has been attacked.

This is an attack on Liberty itself. Those responsible for these heinous acts of random violence against a peaceful people and a beautiful city have one over-riding goal: to make each and every one of us live our lives differently out of fear. Parisian hotels are experiencing an immediate and dramatic reduction in reservations. Parisian restaurants and cafes are hurting equally or worse.


At FreedomCar, we want to do what we can do—our little countermeasure—to reduce the impact on the many by the hands of a brutish few, and we want to encourage you to do the same. How? Decide to travel to France, and we’ll do our part for you.


Air France has a daily flight out of Dulles Airport (IAD). Take it, or any other flight out of IAD going to Paris, show us your reservation for at least one night’s stay in a Parisian hotel, and we’ll contribute to your journey all non-labor expenses—the car, the gas, insurance, and all administrative overhead, for your trips with us to and from the airport. We ask only that you pay for the driver: $76.84. This amount is our average labor cost for an IAD service from the Baltimore metro area (service outside of the metro area may incur additional costs). In all other respects, this offer has no conditions on time of day, party size or type of vehicle required. We appreciate any offer to pay for parking at the airport upon your return, and tolls if they are incurred.


This is not a promotion. Or a marketing campaign. We’ll lose money on every ride.


Those of you who know our business model know that FreedomCar has one rate system for the entire universe, no exceptions. This means no discounts, no sales, no special offers to special people, etc.—just the same good value for everyone. Égalité! We’re making an events-related exception to that, and we’ll continue to do it until we can either no longer afford to do it or the situation in France has returned to some semblance of normalcy.


The real difference-makers here are you.


Where you spend your vacation dollars can make a huge difference, both practically and symbolically. So let’s do what we can! Buy a meal, reserve a room, see a cathedral.


We’ll do our part to help get you there. 


Vive La France,

Mark Thistel
Robyne Lyles
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