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We have the capital, the talent, and THE WILL to get through this.

POSTED: March 23, 2020
AMENDED: June 15, 2020

Never has it felt so important to date a memo. Things are changing so fast…

In March, we informed you that FreedomCar is in operation and will remain so as an essential business. That remains true.

We also told you that we’re restricting operations in accordance with COVID-19 operational protocols. That also remains true, but the protocols we’re working on to ensure safe operation are changing.

To give you and your driver the six feet of social distancing we all need to respect in order to contain spread of the virus, we are switching all operations to our big vehicles only where we can create that space.

We’ll ask that you do not sit in the front passenger seat or the 2nd row seats. We are asking you to sit in the rear bench seat. In most cases, the fee we charge will be our rate for a car, not our larger vehicles, regardless of the vehicle you’re in…we just want everyone to be and remain well.

Thankfully, FreedomCar has the fleet to support this. Our SUVs and minivans provide over 6 feet of distance between the driver and the rear bench seat. Our Transit vans provide as much as 12 feet.

All of our vehicles, are treated with anti-microbial spray, and all are wiped down between every passenger, but now you’ll also get the recommended space as well, so we can all do our part to help contain this virus.

REMINDER: To help keep everyone safe, we ask that you please wear gloves. If you don’t have them, we will provide you with a disposable pair.

(UPDATED JUNE 15) In addition to the sanitizing protocols, we also take the temperature of all our passengers before they enter the vehicles for the safety of our drivers and all of our clients

We’ll keep you updated as things continue to evolve. Our hope is to stay in touch without being an intrusion. Above all, we hope each and every one of you are well.

(UPDATED JUNE 15) At this historic time, we kept a log of how we, as a team, have navigated COVID-19. We’ve posted it on our site for our employees. But if you’d like to know more about the impact and actions we’ve taken, it’s open to you, our valued clients, as well.


Monday, March 16, 2020

This is a very challenging time for all of us. We’ve been monitoring the situation with COVID-19 carefully and putting the health of our passengers and drivers at the forefront of all of our decisions.

As of today, and consistent with advice being received from health care authorities, FreedomCar will be operating on a RESTRICTED BASIS.

We are maintaining a core staff during this time to continue to provide limited services. We will transport related (family) parties of up to 5 passengers using SUVs. Our 14-passenger vans will remain parked until it is deemed safe to transport larger groups. It is unclear to us at this time whether we will qualify as an essential service, though we understand that for some of you we are your only safe way to get to work, perform essential errands, or get to non-emergency scheduled medical treatment.

We expect to be considered a legally “essential service” and have instituted strict COVID-19 operating protocols in preparation for this role. Those protocols include but are not limited to the following:

  • ANTI-MICROBIAL TREATMENTS: All FreedomCar interiors have been treated with an anti-microbial coating used by major hospitals for long-lasting anti-microbial effectiveness on all surfaces.
  • STERILIZED SURFACES: All cars are equipped with sterilizing agents that are used between every passenger’s ride to sterilize all touched surfaces including door handles, armrests, seatbelts, controls, and anything else deemed appropriate by our very alert driving staff. To help keep everyone safe, we ask that you wear gloves, please. If you don’t have them, we will provide you with a disposable pair.
  • LIMITED PERSON-TO-PERSON CONTACT: It goes without saying that we’ll be limiting contact between drivers and passengers, for the protection of both parties. We love you no less than we ever have, and we know you’ll understand this policy.

We enter this crisis equipped, trained, and prepared to meet the challenges this virus poses to our community. 

We will continue to serve you as long as we can safely and legally do so. If the time comes when we may need to temporarily suspend all operations, we will remain available for contact via email at

Finally, we promise all of you that when this is over, we’ll be here for you as we always have been…we’re so proud to be serving this community for 29 years and counting.

We’re all in this together. Let’s get through it together.