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We have the capital, the talent, and THE WILL to get through this.

Updated: January 11, 2022

FreedomCar has operated safely, without interruption, throughout the COVID-19 crisis. These are the measures we have taken that help ensure we can keep it that way.

  • All FreedomCar personnel are fully vaccinated and boosted.
  • All FreedomCar vehicles are treated with Vytis Shield hospital-grade anti-microbial spray.
  • All FreedomCar vehicles are cleaned between every passenger
  • Mask-wearing is required by all passengers and FreedomCar personnel
  • Effective August 9th, 2021: All passengers are required to be vaccinated or have a negative COVID test within 72 hours of travel.  Children 12 and under are exempted from this requirement.

Why are we now requiring passengers to be vaccinated?
To keep our operations safe for you and FreedomCar personnel alike.

What about masks?
Mask use is now required for all persons under all circumstances.

How long will this continue?  
We don’t know. That really depends on how long it takes for the Delta surge to substantially subside nationwide (we are a travel service, our passengers come from everywhere), and vaccination rates rise to the point where herd immunity is a realistic possibility. We look forward to a day when none of us have to concern ourselves with any of this.

Until that happens, please know that you’ll be safe in a FreedomCar.

Thank you for your cooperation, and for the trust you place in FreedomCar to transport you, your colleagues, and your family safely and responsibly.

Now, more than ever, we greatly appreciate your business.

Mark Thistel & Robyne Lyles