Mark Thistel

Co-Founder / Partner

Mark was born and raised in Baltimore, and lives and breathes our City. The only thing more important to him than Baltimore is Robyne, their daughter Maeve, and FreedomCar, the company he and Robyne started (along with their marriage) in 1991. Mark, Robyne and Maeve now reside in “the secret center of the Universe” (also known as Hampden) in a 200-year-old historic home they brought back to life around 2007. Come visit! Mark loves visitors, but you’ll have to listen to his stories about the history of the place and that can take a while. He also loves running into FreedomCar clients at random locations and times around Baltimore—always a great experience that reminds him why he loves his job, this city and the people in it so much.

Baltimore Academic Cred: Park School Alum, JHU Alum

Favorite Baltimore Landmark: The SS John W. Brown (WWII Liberty ship)