Love people? How about puzzles? We do, too. Our Manager Apprentice position is designed to offer a challenging opportunity to a person with minimal managerial experience or no managerial experience.  The apprenticeship includes training in every part of our business and upon completion, you’ll be part of our office management team. They are jacks (and jills) of all trades who are comfortable driving in a pinch, washing a car, getting vehicles to the shop or otherwise finding a sphere of the company in which they can excel (operations, fleet, accounting, technology, etc.).

You will be trained in all aspects of our organization with the ultimate goal of achieving full managerial status at the end of 2 years.  The first 4 months, you’ll be driving and getting to know our clientele and well as our technology.  The next 8 months, you’ll begin Manager training as an Assistant Manager. The 2nd year focuses training in your full-time Manager capacity.  Wages increase as you advance.  Graduates of the program become full managers with commensurate salary.  All full-time managers are expected to be proficient and responsible for taking reservations, assisting in the daily operations, managing one weekend management per month in addition to their designated area of responsibility.

No matter how you spend your day, you can be confident you’ll play an enormous role in helping us maintain our stellar customer satisfaction standards.

If you’re a problem-solver, personable and dazzling in red, find out how working at FreedomCar can actually bring you joy.

Ideal Skill Set

• Comfortable working in a fluid, sometimes high-pressure, team environment
• Eye for detail with ability to problem-solve on the fly
• Excellent driving skills
• Comfortable with computers, iPads and other hardware
• Good math/logic skills


Excellent driving record; 6 years driving experience minimum
Have a full COVID vaccination

Why Freedomcar?

We are a unique company.  We believe fundamentally in work/life balance (you’ll never be asked to work when you are off duty).  We have built a culture of comradery here (lunch time is always fun and our staff parties are true celebrations of everyone’s hard work).   You can make a difference here, you can advance here, and you can be proud of what you do.  We’ll support you, we’ll educate you, and our clients will thank you every single day for what you do.

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• Learn about how FreedomCar works: drivers are employees, not contractors — our drivers drive our vehicles and don’t accept tips (find out why)


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