Celebrating Those Who Knocked Service Out Of The Park In 2018
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Find Out Who Took Home The Trophies
 Dear *|FNAME|*,


Every year, we award our most distinguished employees for providing THE most excellent service. We have always believed it’s important to recognize the efforts of our team—but this year, we wanted to open it up a bit more to let you, our clients, see what it takes to make the FreedomCar cut.

The Streak
The award for the highest number of consecutively performed problem-free services.

2018 WINNER: Patrick Toomey

Greatest Single Service
The award for the best/longest/biggest single service.

2018 WINNER: Nicholas Sykes
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: A three-day van service to Schenectady, NY with a family of 9 that had a few needs we hadn't anticipated.

Most Promising New Addition to the Driving Team
This guy just can't stop winning.

2018 WINNER: Nicholas Sykes
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: 367 Services To Date, a Trouble Index 0.82% and a QA Response Rate 8.72%

The Super-Human 700 Award
The award for the most consecutive performance evaluations of more than 700 points (out of a possible 775).

2018 WINNER: Chris Pistell
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: 8 straight 700+ point evaluations (700 or above is extraordinary). Chris holds the RECORD for this particular achievement.

“Put Me In, Coach” Award
The award for outstanding performance on the part of a FreedomCar driver who has compelling and competing responsibilities outside of work.

2018 WINNER: David Wolf
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: 595 assignments, a Trouble Index of 0.67%, a company-high 8 Great Saves!, and when asked to report to work at 04:00 a.m. on a day to which he had not been assigned to work and where our backs were against the wall uttered the now-immortal FreedomCar phrase “Put me in, Coach.”

Most Promising Management Team Newbie
The award for the most successful new addition to the management team.

2018 WINNER: Rebecca Brown
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: We threw Rebecca into the deep end of the pool and told her to swim. She's now taken 2,227 reservations at an error rate comparable to an employee with years of experience. Keep on keepin' on, Rebecca!

FreecomCar MVP
The award for the Most Valuable Player on our team.

2018 WINNER: James Taylor,
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: 1,163 assignments and a Trouble Index of 0.43%. Among his other contributions, he saved our HQ from fire last January when one of the shop vacs nearly burned the place down. Occasionally lodges a legitimate and constructive piece of criticism upon our doorstep that is too legitimate and constructive for us to ignore.

Congratulations to these members of our team.

This is just a glimpse at the level of commitment and dedication our team puts forth every day to make FreedomCar service unparalleled. These awards, given semi-annually at our company parties in December and July, carry no cash value. We give no more than six or seven at any one time, to a staff of 52 highly accomplished and deserving employees. Each award represents a mix of quantitative and qualitative attributes, determined by metrics we’ve designed to measure performance and character. No one is guaranteed anything except the likelihood that they will not receive one. All of this makes the winning of any award a cause for great admiration on the part of all members of our staff.

Thank you for helping to make 2018 such a great year. We hope we’ve returned the favor.

All the Best in 2019,


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