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COVID-Safe and Super Clean

Dear *|FNAME|*,

We understand that you’re waiting to feel safe before you travel again, or go to school again, or go to the theatre, concert, or ballgame again. We’re right there with you on all of that.


Our immediate goal is to bring back as many of our loyal FreedomCar drivers as quickly we can, even if you don’t have as many places to go right now. If they’re not driving you, what else are they great at doing? Making cars COVID-safe and super clean. It’s what we do every day. Why not do it for you?
FreedomCar Introduces Auto Detailing
  • Make your car COVID-safe
  • Take years of wear and tear off a valuable asset
  • Add years of utility
  • Complimentary transportation offered within 10 miles of our office
  • Buy a gift certificate for this service for your friends and family
Call or email us the year, make, model, and approximate condition of the car. We'll give you a price and make all the arrangements.
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Let's make your car look like this:
FreedomCar at destination
Meanwhile, of course, we do keep busy taking people to destinations farther, or closer, than we’re used to (see below). Here we are at Carnegie Mellon, for instance.
FreedomCar at Carnegie Mellon
Here we are considerably closer to home. That and everything in between is what we’re doing right now—safely.
FreedomCar close to home
We hope you are well. We think of you often. Let’s do what we can for one another.

Stay Well, Find Joy, and Travel Safely,
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