FreedomCar's Coronavirus Update 3/23/20
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Monday, March 23, 2020
Dear *|FNAME|*,

Never has it felt so important to date a memo. Things are changing so fast…

Just last week we informed you that FreedomCar is in operation and will remain so as an essential business. That remains true.

We also told you that we’re restricting operations in accordance with COVID-19 operational protocols. That also remains true, but the protocols we’re working on to ensure safe operation are changing.

To give you and your driver the six feet of social distancing we all need to respect in order to contain spread of the virus, we are switching all operations to our big vehicles only where we can create that space.

We’ll ask that you do not sit in the front passenger seat or the 2nd row seats. We are asking you to sit in the rear bench seat. In most cases, the fee we charge will be our rate for a car, not our larger vehicles, regardless of the vehicle you’re in…we just want everyone to be and remain well.

Thankfully, FreedomCar has the fleet to support this. Our SUVs and minivans provide over 6 feet of distance between the driver and the rear bench seat. Our Transit vans provide as much as 12 feet. All of our vehicles, as you know, have been treated with anti-microbial spray, and all are wiped down between every passenger, but now you’ll also get the recommended space as well, so we can all do our part to help contain this virus.

We’ll keep you updated as things continue to evolve. Our hope is to inform without crowding your inbox, and to stay in touch without being an intrusion. Above all, we hope each and every one of you are well.

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