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Welcome to FreedomCar’s FIFTH of SIX celebrations in honor of our 30th birthday, in which we invite you to join us in support of 30 locally owned organizations—six each month for six months!

We all know and love these places, some of which you can support immediately, some will have to wait. We’re supporting all of them NOW on your behalf and asking you to enjoy them whenever you feel comfortable doing so.

These are the establishments we've supported thus far:
•  Citron
•  Woodberry Kitchen
•  Cosima
•  Petite Louis
•  Sabatinos
•  Tio Pepe’s
•  Gertrude’s
•  The Prime Rib
•  The Helmand
Live Performance Venues:
•  The BSO
•  Center Stage
•  Everyman
•  The Hippodrome
•  Shakespeare Theatre

Movie Theatres:

•  The Senator Theatre
•  The Charles Theatre
•  The SNF Parkway

Here’s how it works:
We pose a trivia question associated in some way with the organizations we’re celebrating. Six winners selected randomly from correct responses will be awarded $100 gift certificates. There’s no catch. Read the Rules of the Road for more details. Enjoy!

This month’s celebration:
Excited? So are we! 
Hampden, Mark insists, is the secret center of the universe. Or at least, his universe—he and Robyne have lived there for 30 years.

Here’s your trivia question:

In 1910, Hampden was the nation’s second largest producer of what product: 

1) Silverware/ornamental silver

2) Metal fabrication as applies to heavy machinery (gears, support columns, etc.)

3) Cotton duck cloth for sails and tents


Look for a link to the answer (and some more fun facts) on next month’s message, August 30, 3:00 p.m.

Last month, we asked, “In 1967, Baltimore’s Morris A Mechanic theatre replaced another live performance venue owned by Mr. Mechanic that was town down for a parking lot in 1964. What was the name of the theatre the Mechanic replaced?”

The correct answer: Ford’s Grand Opera House.
Thank you for choosing FreedomCar — this year…and every year.

Mark Thistel
Robyne Lyles
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