Tomorrow, March 1st, Maryland’s last indoor mask mandate will be lifted. 

As of that date, FreedomCar will move to an opt-in mask policy in our cars. Our 100% fully vaccinated and boosted staff will be wearing masks if you wish them to, or if they desire to do so. Passengers are no longer required to wear masks unless you wish to. 

It’s up to you. Let us know what you’d prefer and we’ll make sure you have the in-car experience you wish to have. 
FreedomCar remains a fully-vaccinated environment for passengers above the age of 5.
In two weeks it will be two years to the day we all entered the shutdown together. Today, we are happy to say that FreedomCar has remained safe for our passengers and our employees for the entirety of that time. Of the many reasons for that, we are grateful for the masks that helped make it all possible, and remain committed to all of our safety protocols when circumstances require them.
Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any special requests, preferences, or concerns. 

Mark Thistel
Robyne Lyles

(410) 321-5600  •   Make a Reservation

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