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Starting today, FreedomCar will be COVID-testing
EVERY staff member EVERY week.

Dear FreedomCar Friends,

Today is Veteran's Day, and we thank
each and every one of you who served, or who supported someone who did.
 We’ve always promised you a safe and secure ride. This year, even with all its challenges, has been no exception.

We've made the decision to add weekly testing to our COVID protocols to help us further reduce risk so you can have a safe service experience and every FreedomCar employee can have a safe work environment.

We will continue testing until a vaccine is distributed to us all. The tests we are using are PCR viral tests, the most accurate available, requiring lab processing, with 24-36 hour turnarounds. We will switch to rapid-result testing if/when that testing technology improves to provide equivalent levels of accuracy.

We believe this is the best way to help protect you, your family, our team, and their families—so we also believe this is an important investment in our community.

We hope you agree. Because this is an investment. We’re adding an expense at a time when, like us, most businesses are operating at a small fraction of their pre-COVID volume. We also see this measure as an investment in our future. FreedomCar only survives this pandemic if we can continue to operate and you feel confident enough to use our services. So how are we going to pay for it?

We’re funding half the cost of this program with a 6% across-the-board surcharge on all services effective immediately. The other half will come from reserves or from increased patronage as a result of the policy.

We asked a few clients for feedback about this plan to ensure they saw the value. They did. We hope you will, too. We’ve all been, what my mother likes to call, “in extremis” for a long while now, and we’re facing some difficult months ahead before we can be ourselves again.

While we weather the constant changes in infection profile, public policy, and economic activity, FreedomCar endeavors to do what we see so many of you do: survive with grace.

We took this photo out of our dining room window in the middle of lock-down during March 2020. It continues to inspire us.
All FreedomCar drivers take our COVID safety protocols seriously at all times.

See you when you need us…or when your car does—our new auto detailing services have been a BIG hit. Thanks to those of you who’ve helped us bring more of our team back to work with this service!

Request a quote or make a reservation.
Let us make your car feel new again.

Find joy, remember what we’re here to do, and do right by one another. That isn’t just surviving…it’s thriving. Happy Veterans Day.

Mark & Robyne,
Mark Thistel
Robyne Lyles
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