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The Greenspring Station BSO shuttle is back for the new season! Now featuring Thursday–Sunday performances through December 31st!
Hop on board for a $15 ride straight to the Meyerhoff* plus receive 15% off your BSO ticket (use code “FREEDOM15” if you haven’t purchased tickets yet)!

*Fare is $15 per person per direction. Capacity is limited, so cancelation fees apply within 24 hours of the scheduled service.

Savor a nice meal beforehand at any of Greenspring Station’s fine restaurants, enjoy easy parking, and let FreedomCar get you to your concert safely and hassle-free.

We’ll be back for you at performance’s end.

When you make your reservation (call, email, reservation page) simply mention you’d like to be on the BSO shuttle.

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Thank you for supporting FreedomCar and the BSO.
Mark Thistel
Robyne Lyles
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