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The end of FreedomCar’s bottled water?

Not quite.
But the data is incontrovertible and we can’t ignore it: plastic bottled water is terrible for Mother Earth, and the PFAFs in the plastic are terrible for you. What to do? We’ve gone to boxed water, which is friendlier to everyone concerned. The problem? It’s 10 times as costly. That means, well, we just can’t be giving it to everyone.

The good news:
If we give it to you, it’s still free.

The bad news: We’re only providing free boxed water to those who are returning from distant airports or who are in the car for lengthy journeys. We hope you understand this decision. It’s in her best interest:

We recognize the irony of a car service getting preachy about this. But, did you know 70% of our fleet is actually hybrid?

In fact, please welcome our newest addition: the Toyota Crown. Isn’t it a stunner?

With Earth Day right around the corner, FreedomCar is proud to do our part for our health and the environment. And, as always, we appreciate your support of us.

Mark Thistel
Robyne Lyles
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